Thursday, 1 October 2015

Baby Goodies - Part 2

Hey there! I'm back with my second post on the various baby goodies I made for my cute little niece.

This is a ripple blanket which I made for her stroller. I felt the bright carrot orange shade will be perfect for a baby's blanket.  :-)

This was not planned initially, but when I found this amazing toy on Pinterest, I couldn't resist making it. It's so colourful and soft.

I feel it might be a bit big for my niece right now. But I'm sure she'll enjoy playing it with it soon. :-)

Because I found it very big for her , I made another ball which is perfect for her to play with now :-) Yes another amish puzzle ball. They are so cute. Assembling them is the best part.

This cannot be disassembled like the flower amish puzzle ball. I have sewn it completely. I feel the grooves between the wedges is perfect for a baby to hold while playing.

How could I not make a flower headband when I was having a niece. Baby girls looks so cute with headbands :-)

A tying knitted cap to prevent her from pulling it off. However she might bawl if she is not able to pull this one off. She seems to hate caps :-(

A knitted summer frock.

When I offered to make the costume for my niece's newborn photoshoot, my sister asked for a lady bug costume. Omg this was the cutest thing I'd ever made. :-)

This was the crochet set I'd made for her which was supposed to be used while bringing her home from the hospital. But thanks to my(and my niece's) great timing, she popped out a few days before this set could reach by mail. Later it was used during one of the ceremonies after she was home. ;-)

Made this bear hat just for fun. :-)

This onesie is my favourite. It's so bright and colourful. And I love the way the flower buttons have added charm to the onesie.

I started this onesie last october, but since I wasn't very comfortable with knitting then and the pattern was quite complex, I'd put this project away for a long time. After moving to Vancouver, I found it in one of the crochet boxes while unpacking and deciding to give it another try. That's when I fell in love with it. I can't wait to see her in this.

I will be back with a few knitted toys I've made recently.
Till I post again!

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