Thursday, 31 December 2015

Granny square delight !!

I've finally completed my granny square blanket. I have been planning on making this since I started crocheting and have managed to do it after 4 long years. Unsure that I would follow through, I was always reluctant to start this project; but somehow mustered courage and took the leap. 

I started this blanket in August and have been working on it off and on. Overall it took me around 4 months to complete this project. 

This is my first ever(might as well be the last) multi colored granny square blanket. I can easily say the hardest part was choosing colors at random for each row. It is a lot easier if the colors are finalized in the beginning.

The first granny square of the blanket.

Gradually growing in number

My sister had gifted me a Michael's gift card for my birthday last year and most of the yarn for this project came from that. So a big thank you to her!! :-)

Before starting each row I would finalize all the colors for that row. and put them in the stitch holder in the right order. This saved a lot of time.

I used "join as you go" method for joining the squares.

Many more rows to go ...

Half way through ...

Almost done ...

Weaving in the ends felt like a project in itself. 
These are the trims for just 2 rows of the blanket

Finally it is ready with all the squares joined and all ends weaved in. It has 21 rows of 18 squares each.

 I decided to keep the border simple and made a granny stripe border.

It's wonderfully heavy and gives just the right amount of warmth. It looks so beautiful that I sometimes wonder if I will ever use it ;-)

It adds a great dash of color to our room and makes adjusting to the gray skies of Vancouver a bit more easier ;-) 
The completion of this grand project has made me every bit as proud as I could ever be!!! :-)

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !
Till I post again!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My first quilt !!

I have been missing from the blogland for quite sometime. I took a few weeks off and visited my sister and my cute little niece. I hadn't seen her since she was born. So this was a long awaited trip. I had seen her on skype everyday since the day she was born, but the feeling when I held her for the first time in my arms was just un-explainable. It was the awesome-est feeling on earth. She looked quite big on skype but in real she was actually quite tiny. she was like this cuddly bundle of joy which I never felt like putting down. :-) 

I was visiting her for the first time, and how could I go empty handed. I had made a lot of crocheted stuff for her. So this time I decided to do something different. And my first quilt was born. :-) 
Yes I tried my hands at quilting. It'd been more than a year since I bought my sewing machine, and I had used it only for the cushion cover I made and some alternation work. I had been putting off quilting for quite a while now as I didn't have the right tools to start with. But my last yarn visit to the craft store turned out to be very useful as I found the self healing mat, rotary cutter and the quilting ruler on discount.  I could not procrastinate further. 

My initial plan was to make a square blocks quilt, but later I decided to make a striped quilt. I followed this tutorial for this project.

These tools make life so easy compared to using scissors and cutting all those pieces of fabric one by one. But I also learned the downside of not using these cautiously when I cut my thumb with the rotary cutter. Well, initially it really looked like I might need a ER visit, but somehow managed to subside the bleeding after sometime. Phew!!

It took me a week to gather courage to hold the cutter again and continue working on the quilt. :-(

With all the strips of fabric cut, I was ready to sew.

Prepping the bobbin with some matching thread.


My first quilting mistake where I sewed wrong sides of the fabric, but the seam ripper did come in handy.

Ironing the fabric - The best tip I got from all the quilting tutorials. I had tried sewing earlier when I was in college, but never ironed the fabric. Ironing does make sewing so much easier. 

It really does gives you cleaner and even seams.

The front of the quilt is all ready with all the strips attached. 

 I went a bit wild and chose this print for the backing ;-) Plain seemed a bit boring to me. For the batting I used a fleece blanket. It's not very thick but keeps you warm. 

Back of the fabric
With all the three layers pinned and sewn together, the quilt was ready for a top stitch all around.

It was indeed a beautiful day here when I made this quilt. The sun was out and shining bright. Well for us, it is a big thing as we hardly get to see the sun during fall and winter ;-)

Finally stitching in the ditch to quilt all the layers together. This was fun as I had never sewn in between the seam line of strips of fabric. 

A closer look at stitch in the ditch
I also sewed a label with a short message on it, so she can cherish it for years to come. 

I hear from my sister that my niece loves the prints on the fabric.
What do you think of this quilt? Do post comments and let me know.
I hope your day is going well with whatever craft you are doing today.
Happy crafting!!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Baby Goodies - Part 2

Hey there! I'm back with my second post on the various baby goodies I made for my cute little niece.

This is a ripple blanket which I made for her stroller. I felt the bright carrot orange shade will be perfect for a baby's blanket.  :-)

This was not planned initially, but when I found this amazing toy on Pinterest, I couldn't resist making it. It's so colourful and soft.

I feel it might be a bit big for my niece right now. But I'm sure she'll enjoy playing it with it soon. :-)

Because I found it very big for her , I made another ball which is perfect for her to play with now :-) Yes another amish puzzle ball. They are so cute. Assembling them is the best part.

This cannot be disassembled like the flower amish puzzle ball. I have sewn it completely. I feel the grooves between the wedges is perfect for a baby to hold while playing.

How could I not make a flower headband when I was having a niece. Baby girls looks so cute with headbands :-)

A tying knitted cap to prevent her from pulling it off. However she might bawl if she is not able to pull this one off. She seems to hate caps :-(

A knitted summer frock.

When I offered to make the costume for my niece's newborn photoshoot, my sister asked for a lady bug costume. Omg this was the cutest thing I'd ever made. :-)

This was the crochet set I'd made for her which was supposed to be used while bringing her home from the hospital. But thanks to my(and my niece's) great timing, she popped out a few days before this set could reach by mail. Later it was used during one of the ceremonies after she was home. ;-)

Made this bear hat just for fun. :-)

This onesie is my favourite. It's so bright and colourful. And I love the way the flower buttons have added charm to the onesie.

I started this onesie last october, but since I wasn't very comfortable with knitting then and the pattern was quite complex, I'd put this project away for a long time. After moving to Vancouver, I found it in one of the crochet boxes while unpacking and deciding to give it another try. That's when I fell in love with it. I can't wait to see her in this.

I will be back with a few knitted toys I've made recently.
Till I post again!

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