Monday, 30 June 2014

It's a tradition!!!

As my readers would agree, a camera plays a very important role in a blogger's life. For all you know, your next blog post might be inspired by that regular evening walk through the park.
This post required pics from many such walks and everyday commute to office. 

But my husband finds it really funny as I click photos of all random things every now and then for my posts.(And this post is one of them.) He says I behave like Amir Khan in the movie Ghajini(For all non-Indian readers, this is a movie inspired by Memento) :-D
 I was clicking pics of cars , I'm sure onlookers were wondering what I was doing.  

The Fifa World cup fever is quite prominent here in Canada. apparently here in Canada, it's a tradition to display flags of the team you support in the Fifa world cup. 
Quite an interesting tradition , I must say!! When I didn't know about it, I was quite confused to see flags on many cars. 

This tradition makes it interesting here, as Canada has a lot of immigrant population. Had it been in India(for the cricket World cup of course), you would see India flags mostly :-)

England supporter

Spain supporter

French supporter

Chile it is

Spain again!!

No clue!! ;-)

Intercultural marriage ??? Maybe... :-)

Guess these fans want Canada to qualify for the next football World cup!! ;-)

Because I feel it would be fun to display the India flag, I wish India qualified for the World cup! :-P

Till I post again!!

Thursday, 12 June 2014


(Warning: This post is heavily laden with photos, so you might want to join me with that cuppa coffee!!!)

I have got this yarn addiction, and I would not like to be cured of it.
Came across this while browsing. This is definitely meeee !!! Hahaha. :-D

I remember, before I relocated to Toronto, I'd shopped these beautiful colourful balls of size 20 crochet from a local yarn store. I'd almost bought everything the shop had. 

When it comes to wool or acrylic yarn Vardhman brand in India is my favourite. We get them in various colours. I was storing up yarn as if I were moving to the North pole ;-) Hunger for yarn is insatiable, guess every crocheter/knitter agrees.

I finally used three colours from my stash and made this colourful rose doily. The flowers weren't looking as attractive initially as they looked after I assembled all the pieces together.

I'd made a mistake while making the centre white part and still had a space left after attaching all the 10 flowers :-( Too bad...
Instead of unraveling and correcting the mistake , I detached the flowers and made only the white part again. I will use the other one for something else maybe.

Attaching leaves in progress.

The texture of the leaves gives it a very natural look.

The centre part was made with white cotton thread I bought at a local yarn store in Belgaum. It came in hanks unlike the red rose crochet cotton.

Here comes the boring weaving in.
Doesn't it already look gorgeous??

With all the pieces attached and ends weaved in, my doily is ready to be blocked.
Of course, the blocking pins also had to be colourful. :-)

All done!!!! 

After blocking, the flowers and leaves look just perfect now.

Link to the pattern is here.

I couldn't help but click plenty of pictures. 

Crochet never ceases to amaze me. Mere balls of thread transformed into this wonderfulness. One can always buy, but being able to make it, is a precious gift my mum gave me. Truly grateful to her for having taught me crochet.Well, I don't have an equivalent return gift, but nevertheless this is for you "Amma" :-)

Till I post again!!