Friday, 30 May 2014

Sunburst cushion cover!!!

With my husband's hectic and busy schedule during the first year of his MBA, we couldn't travel much.  To utilize the summer break before his second year classes start , we have decided to make a trip to the USA. We will be visiting my sister and bil in Colorado.

With the arrival of summer, the days here are growing long and it doesn't get dark till 9 at night. The trees are full of lush green leaves. :-)
The days are all bright and sunny. And to celebrate these lovely days, I made something similar in crochet.
I made my first crochet cushion cover. Its so bright and beautiful that I decided to call it "Sunburst cushion cover" :-) 

It matches very well with my flower vase. Remember the flowers I had made. 
I made 16 more flowers and made squares around them.
Joined all the squares using single crochet.

A closer look at the flower

Then I made a fabric pillow envelope case using a fleece blanket with the help of my trusty sewing machine.

This was my first attempt at making a pillow case and I'm pretty glad with the way it turned out.

My crocheted flower square all set to be attached onto the front part of the fabric pillow case.

The crochet part looks smaller, however it stretches a lot.

I used a very small crochet hook to attach the crochet part to the fabric case.
I crocheted only in the back loops.

After attaching the crochet cover to the fabric pillow case.

Finally, just stuffed it with my cushion pad and punched(;-)) it a few times for crisp corners.

And Tadahhhhh!!!

Doesn't it look beautiful? It just brightens up my living room which is otherwise pretty dull with everything brown.

Makes a perfect set. :-)

Info on the patterns:
Inspiration: HERE
Flower and square pattern HERE and HERE
Envelope pillow case tutorial HERE

With this done, I'm eager to make another cushion cover, but something different, not flowers. Maybe just squares. What do you suggest ?

Till I post again!!
Happy "doing what you like".

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A trip and my new sewing machine

Its been cloudy /rainy couple of days here in Toronto and the temperature has dropped again. not too low but to 13C. Well, I'm from a country where the metric system is followed, so I have used celsius, kilometres, and kilograms all my life. And if I hear, pounds, miles and fahrenheits I need a few seconds to grasp the magnitude of these measuring units. ;-)

A couple of weeks back when we had a long weekend here in Canada(for Victoria day) I visited the Niagara falls with a few friends of mine. 

A few pics from the trip :-)

 This was one sight that made me feel , something so beautiful can also be life-threatening.

Okay I can go on for hours(I mean words/lines/pages) together talking about random things, so let get back to some crafty stuff.
I know that in my last post, I'd mentioned I would be back with a finished crochet project , but I thought of squeezing in a post on my new sewing machine before that. Well, this beauty definitely deserves a separate post for itself. :-) Don't you think so????

Its a basic sewing machine with 20 stitch functions.
I'm totally in love with it. The lavender,pink and white shades make me smile. 
After inquiring about many sewing machines, reading user reviews, considering my requirements and the budget, I chose this.
I had a SINGER fashion maker in India, but while relocating, unfortunately I couldn't bring it along.

I was amazed by the fact that, there are sewing machines available for even $800-$900 here. Well, I'm not a seamstress and would definitely not spend such a huge amount on a sewing machine.
I just need it for alterations and to save time while crafting, so I found this perfect for me. :-)
How do you like it ??
Do let me know....

Will be back with a new post soon.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

For what joy???

Something exciting happened last week. I was awarded the "Liebster Blog" Award by Ruth of Rose Hill Collections and Anitha of A Little Love Everyday. Thank you so much both of you!!! :-) Ruth has a beautiful blog and I'm always amazed by her fast crocheting skills, as she always has some beautiful crocheted project to show in all her posts. Great going Ruth. And Anitha (as she has already mentioned) is one of my early blog friends. She's multi-talented and I always wait to read her blog posts. After reading her recent post I realized that apart from crochet, we seem to have a lot in common. :-) Thank you again!! :-)

Well the  award comes with a few rules. which are
1) Write 11 random facts about me
2) Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter
3)Nominate bloggers who i think deserves this award and who have less than 200 followers
4)Ask 11 questions to my nominees

11 Random facts about me

1. I have visited 8 foreign counties in the past two and a half years and would love to visit more.
2. I'm a hoarder. I love yarn and stationary.
3. I'm a crazy lover of fruits, so much that my husband calls me a fruit fly.
4. I love R.D Burman's music.
5. I enjoy watching Jane Austen movies. My favorite is "Persuasion".
6. I love dogs. I applied nail polish to my neighbour's pet's nails when I was a kid. Purple was the shade of the nail paint ;-)
7. Purple/Lavender/Lilac are my favorite. (So the colour choice for point 6 ;-))
8. I hate to comb my hair and apply make-up.
9. I'm very bad(no exaggeration) at drawing.
10. I love spicy food, I sometimes eat raw green chillis like a side dish.
11. I have been chased by at least 8 dogs when I was a kid. :-P

11 questions from Ruth

1. What do you like most about blogging?
You get to meet/know new people while you sit in front of your computer, get inspiration from other blogs and constantly look forward to making new stuff, share ideas and most importantly make new friends.

2. If you were given the power to change one thing about you, what would it be and why?
The fear of public speaking. I'm very bad at it.

3. Who is your role model?
My mum.....

4. What is your most memorable moment?
Not one , I have many. And not a moment, but a rejoiced memory.
To name a couple of them:
The trip to Swiss with my husband.
The trip to Nainital with my family.

5. If you had million dollar, what is the first thing you would spend it on?

6. What's your favourite hobby?
Crocheting without a doubt.

7.  Other than your own, which country would like to live in?
I already live in a country(Canada), that's not my own, but I would love to live in the English country side.

8. Do you have a fantasy?
I was born in the Edwardian/Victorian era with all the beautiful costumes. Or atleast would love to be a part of a period(costume) drama. ;-)

9. What is your most preferred way of dealing with annoying people around you?

10. Who is your best blogging friend?
Anna from "Cultures' Chord by Hindustanka" and Anitha from "A little love everyday". Their work  truly inspires me and I encourage you to visit them.

11. What is your favourite subject?
Mathematics was favourite subject in school.

11 questions from Anitha

1) What is your favorite food?
Indian street food

2) Things that make you happy
Food, crochet, family, friends

3) If you could learn one random skill, what would it be?
Martial arts

4) Book that you read and enjoyed recently
I'm not much into reading, so the last book I read was the Harry Potter series. And I enjoyed it a lot.

5) Something most people don't know about you
I sound/look dominant but I'm not.

6) What's your favorite movie?

 7) song that you like very much
Old Hindi songs composed by R.D Burman and sung by Kishore Kumar.

8) What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Applied nail paint to a dog's nails.

9) What makes you nostalgic?
Train journeys in India.

10)What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?
That there were only 24 stars in the sky. (don't ask me why ;-P)

11) Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Dog person  

My nominies:
I would like to nominate 
Pavi from CrochetKumari who is extremely talented and nowadays is busy making baby stuff for her baby. :-)

Shobha Kamath of Ladle, Brush and Spade
She is an amazing cook and I love her detailed description for each recipe she posts.

She owns a wonderful space in the blog world and posts recipes mostly Indian but also from all over the world. 

My 11 questions for them.
1. What inspired you to start a blog ?
2. What is the thing your parents made you do when you were a kid and you hated it, but now you are happy you did it ?
3. Which is your favourite city/place in the world/place you visited and loved it ?
4. Are you a sports person ? Which one's your favourite?
5. What is the biggest surprise you have ever been given ?
6. If you like a song, you like it for its music or the lyrics ?
7. Your happiest dream till now ?
8. One habit of yours, you would want to change ?
9. Do you like living in a city with a busy life or the country side?? Why ?
10. One person in life you would share everything with ?
11. Are you a trend setter or trend follower ?

Well, this post was for the joy of receiving the "Liebster blog" award.
But the next will be for a FO.
Till I post again!!
Happy "doing whatever you like"!! :-)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Toronto Sugar Beach

After a tiring week, I crave for weekends for some "ME" time where I can just crochet, read blogs, nap a bit and sometimes do nothing(literally I mean). But last weekend the weather was too good to do any of that. So we had to get out and enjoy the amazing spring weather here.

Leaves are coming out!!! :-)

First we went for a small get together at my husband's friend's place. It was a potluck party , and I'd made aloo chaat. (an Indian snack with Potato). I kept the spices to a minimum as there were even non-Indians attending the party. The masalas in the Indian food are not usually International palate friendly.

After the party,we along with an other friend couple decided to take advantage of the good weather and explore Toronto. There were more reasons to utilize this weekend to the most, one being rain forecast for the next weekend and the second, a temporary change taking place in our lives. But more on that in my next post. So going back to what we did last weekend , we visited the Sugar beach in Toronto. Its not an actual beach but an urban beach


The lakefront wasn't like an actual beach either, so we couldn't touch the water. There weren't many people when we reached the place, but it did get a bit crowded towards dinnertime. 

I hadn't carried my camera, so my Nexus 5 came in handy. I must say, I was pretty impressed by the picture quality.

On the crochet front I have a lot of WIPs.
Remember my crochet flowers, I've put them in a vase.
My sister also wants those flowers, so I'm making more of them.

Till I post again!! 
Enjoy you week

Thursday, 8 May 2014

A week into May

Time is flying. We are a week into May already. It feels like it was a couple of months back when I wrote my first post about relocating to Toronto. But its almost been a year now. 
Its getting warmer here and the tree leaves are coming out. Its nice to be out.

I haven't been crocheting much except for the time I travel to office. The commute is quite long and I crochet in the train. I feel sick if I do it in the bus, but surprisingly not in the train. So I'm happy I do something productive than just stare at the floor everyday :-)

Today I'm popping in to show you all this project I completed a few months back but never got a chance to talk about it. ;-) Its a beautiful knit scarf.

The first time I saw the tutorial for this on youtube, I was amazed. Its a very simple pattern with just knit and purl but at the end we just drop the stitches and stretch it to get this lacy texture. Dropping stitches at the end is quite dangerous for a newbie as a slight mistake could make you knit the whole scarf again. But I was lucky.

Its long enough to be worn in two layers. 
I made this for my husband's cousin. I'd thought of a matching beanie with this, but she doesn't wear beanies, so dropped the plan.

Last weekend I made this mobile pouch to safeguard my new Nexus 5 :-)
Yes It was a gift from my husband!! How sweet of him!!!  ;-)

Till I post again!!
Happy crafting!!!